"sisters Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe -- have crafted some of the most beautiful and authentic nods to the great folk music movement that permeated coffeehouses and nightclubs across America in the 1960s."
                                        - Chuck Armstrong, The Boo

"[The Rayes] will reign because harmonies are only half of their magic. The other half is their penchant for rocking out –they play bass, electric, acoustic, and harmonica while singing, and it makes them the most exciting thing happening in folk-rock today."
                              - American Standard Time

New York-based band The Rayes is fronted by sisters, Rebecca Stobbe (guitar/vocals) and Jordan Stobbe (bass guitar/vocals), and includes friends, Ian LeSage (lead guitar/vocals) and Patrick Hagan (drums), who help round out their unique sound. The creative powerhouse sister-duo charge their music with heavy harmonies and guitars up the wazoo. Flaunting a retro folk-rock sound with an added indie rock flair, the band beckons a nostalgia for the eras of Fleetwood Mac and Zeppelin, with a tinge of something new. And it only makes sense that their music holds this retro air; Jordan and Rebecca got their first taste of performance during their teenage years, busking their favorite 60's/70's covers on the streets of Pike Place Market in their hometown of Seattle, WA.


The shared genes in the sisters’ voices are unmistakable -- interwoven in a perfect sonic crochet, and striking a chord in your soul that will stick with you long after the last note. With an innate activism in fighting for social equality, their music not only holds the intimacy of traditional love songs, but much of their music also bears an uplifting sense of revolution.

The Rayes' music has been compared to the likes of HAIM, Weyes Blood, and Fleetwood Mac, among many other 60's/70's-era bands and soulful female vocalists.


Lovely to meet you :)
xx Rebecca, Jordan, Ian, and Patrick

Photograph: Morgen Purcell