New Woman

Coming Soon in September 2021

"There’s that old adage,“follow your heart, follow your dreams.” And that really, truly is what my sister and I have done all these years. You could say we’re like hound dogs following a scent through the woods, but it’s our hearts’ desires that lead the trail.


The pandemic has changed everything. My life as a musician has been completely altered; even the small validations I struggled to accredit myself as an unpaid, independent musician have been stripped away. Most days I spend grasping for any little thread I can, holding on until I can begin to weave a rope back together again. I don’t feel good, but I’m not at my worst either, so I guess I feel lucky that at least it could be worse — and I know it is for so many right now. But I won’t discredit that living in that middle-ground between joy and rock bottom still sucks.


Yet even in the midst of these desolate times, art is somehow magically able to sprout..."