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If nostalgia starred in a late summer 70s film, its soundtrack would feature The Rayes. Emotive, at times haunting — their distinctive sound elicits something hard to label but easy to feel. 

Superimposing catchy melodies atop lilting harmonies and McCartney-esque basslines, the Melbourne-based, Seattle-born group recalls themes of identity, yearning, and a witty reflection to sweeping emotion. The Rayes have been dubbed, ‘a kiss of sonic sunshine’ by LA’s Atwood Magazine, imparting a sound both spirited and endearing.

The Rayes will be releasing their upcoming record, Limb Pulled Taut, in September 2024. This collection of songs spans time and emotion: the courage sparked as a bat taking flight; the wistful twinge of a long-lost friend; the ironic telling of a day job grind. Their album recalls a vibrant live performance, with a range spanning from swelling harmonies to good ol’ rocking-out.

This album will join The Rayes’ extensive catalog of music that showcases Jordan and Rebecca’s prolific songwriting abilities and boldness to follow their creative instincts. “New Woman,” released in September of 2021, is a song packed with lush synth swells and juicy vocal harmonies with lyrics that yearn for the comfort of love and companionship. “Two Legs” was written within the desert-painted exterior of a camper-van as they drove cross-country from Seattle to New York City, all while recording a podcast in the back seat and filming b-roll over bumpy roads for a home-produced music video. Their songwriting evokes a daring authenticity. Steph Hughes of Triple J Unearthed says of their music, "Gorgeous chiming Laurel Canyon vibes shining off this...lovely weaving soundscapery."

“Sweet, warm, and earnest…a musical hug at a time when we could all use a little more love and connection in our lives.”

- Mitch Mosk (Atwood Magazine, Los Angeles)


“...the most exciting thing happening in folk-rock today.”

- American Standard Time, USA)

“Gorgeous chiming Laurel Canyon vibes shining off this...lovely weaving soundscapery.”

- Steph Hughes (Triple J Unearthed, Australia)

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