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with the Rayes


Hailing from Seattle, USA, powerhouse sister-duo, The Rayes, charge their music with rich vocal harmonies and compelling intonation that holds listeners close as if by a friend. Their songwriting carries on the catchy melodies of 70s classic rock and folk seen with a hue of modern indie rock. Playful, McCartney-esque basslines; lilting harmonies; and rhythmic guitar hold steady as a scaffolding to songs that are intimate and evocative. Dubbed, “a kiss of sonic sunshine,” by L.A.’s Atwood Magazine, The Rayes’ sound recalls artists like HAIM, Waxahatchee, Laura Marling, and Aldous Harding. 


Adding to their extensive and eclectic catalog of music, The Rayes released their latest single, titled, “New Woman” in the Spring of 2020, amidst the throws of the pandemic. A song packed with lush synth swells and juicy vocal harmonies with lyrics that  yearn for the comfort of love and companionship. Jordan explains, “it was yet another change and transition that was coming my way, and I didn’t want to face it alone. I was dying to find comfort; to be held. But I knew that just wasn’t in the cards for me, and all I could do was prepare myself for the storm.”


Prior to their latest single, came “Two Legs.” From within the desert-painted exterior of a campervan that they drove cross-country from Seattle to New York City, Jordan and Rebecca recorded a podcast in the back seat, and filmed b-roll over bumpy roads for a home-produced music video for the single off the record. 

The Rayes have traversed national and international music cities; playing countless, established venues and festivals in the Pacific Northwest, touring the West Coast and Montana where they played venues such as Bottom of The Hill in San Francisco and The Top Hat in Missoula, and then went on to find new roots in New York City, where they regularly played stages such as Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, and Pianos. 


Now based in Melbourne, the Rayes have been welcomed by a vibrant live music scene. The group has begun playing gigs like The Tote and Brunswick Artists’ Bar, and are currently working on an upcoming full-length album.


“Sweet, warm, and earnest…a musical hug at a time when we could all use a little more love and connection in our lives.”

- Mitch Mosk (Atwood Magazine, Los Angeles)



+61 0466 568 824

Melbourne, AUS

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